Top Independent Schools in New York City – How Our Tutors Can Help

Many Top Independent Schools in New York City are well known for their selectivity and low admissions statistics. It is for good reason though; curricula at these schools, like Horace Mann and The Dalton School, are rigorous and demanding, challenging their students to fulfill their potential. The low student-to-teacher ratios, varied coursework that students may not find elsewhere (like Chinese at Horace Mann or Creative Writing at Dalton), and abundance of AP classes all make admission to these schools highly competitive. To ready your child to meet the high demands of these schools’ admissions criteria, consider a private tutor from The Learning Consultants.

Enrollment at a top private school in New York City can also increase your child’s potential to gain admission to premier universities. The depth and rigor of the material your child will study coupled with the excellent reputations of these schools sends a signal to these elite colleges: smart and capable prospective students. Tutoring may be the difference between your child cultivating the skills he or she needs to succeed and just getting by in school.

To ready your student-child for the high demands of these private schools, The Learning Consultants have developed a tutoring method that we call Student Mastery. The underlying premise is to engender success by targeting problem areas, designing a specific program to suit the individual student’s needs, and giving them the tools they need to continue to succeed on their own. Our goal is to teach each of our students how to succeed so that they may become master students.

Problem areas are quite varied and differ for each student. However, some of the most common weaknesses we see at The Learning Consultants are difficulties with:

  • Time Management
  • Study Skills and Strategies specific to different classes
  • Prioritization
  • Organization
  • Project Planning

We have exceptional tutors who can articulate the material in a clear, straightforward manner and also know how to relate to kids and teens. They not only know the material; they know how to teach to different learning styles with maximal efficacy.

Another key factor in admission to a top independent school in NYC is standardized test scores. Many smart students are poor test-takers, but with the extra attention from a private tutor, they can optimize their scores and gain admission to challenging and engaging programs. The Learning Consultants specializes in SSAT and SAT tutoring as well and can give your child the leg-up they need in the highly competitive pool of applicants to New York City’s independent schools.

To allow your child’s potential as a student to fully develop in some of the most engaging and challenging coursework in the country, give them the opportunity to study with The Learning Consultants.